Surveillance and Fire Safety Company in Bengaluru, Karnataka


At DW Automation, our engineers have experience and expertise in various pharmaceutical systems, equipment and processes. Capsule coating, bulk drug production are some areas where automation plays a prominent role. Our safety features such as fire alarms, CCTV cameras add to the crucial safety prerequisites of the pharma industry.

Software Park

Software Parks are spaces comprising of buildings of various companies and DW Automation supports this infrastructure with dynamic water purification processes, sensors, connectors and controllers to streamline the day to day functioning of these units.

Power | Utilities

DW Automation has an unparalleled competence in power-related tools. Our engineering services work on various power segments such as generation, transmission and distribution.

Datacom | Telecom

Datacom and Telecom industries are another set of populated industries where DW Automation has played a significant role to keep the client abreast with the rapidly changing technology.

Warehousing | Logistics

DW Automation offers top-notch services for intra-logistics, production logistics and material-handling systems. We have proven experience in warehousing and equipment involved in various industries. Automation helps in reducing the logistical costs considerably.


DW Automation offers exceptional services in the transportation industry. Transportation involves the movement of commodities and places from one place to the other and safety becomes a non-negotiable factor. We offer fire alarms, fire safety and video surveillance.

Goverment | Cultural | Heritage

DW Automation extends exceptional services to preserve the age-old history and heritage using our extensive products and service range in the form of connectors and controllers, sensors, fire alarms, video surveillance to keep these structures intact.

Industrial | Manufacturing

DW Automation with its vast product range and know-how has developed some groundbreaking systems for the manufacturing industry. Robotics, Computer-operated machinery, Advanced IT solutions offered by us have helped in increasing efficiency and has reduced the cost measurably.

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