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Building Management system

We promote a true open architecture where machines talk to machines and talk to people. Improving the analysis for communication and collaboration. From office towers to manufacturing plants, hospitals to hotels, airports to convenience stores, in single buildings or multi-building campuses—We can help you resolve the complex challenges of building integration and enterprise connectivity.
• At several of our clients, we have implemented sensors and connectors like Temperature, Humidity, Duct, Pressure, Airflow, Waterflow, STP, Generators, HT / LT Panels, etc., Using DI / DO, AI / AO modules in controllers.
• We have the Systems Design and Implementation capabilities to derive I/O Summary and derive a BOQ that is suited for your facility.
• We support IP and Non-IP Controllers for common development and management environment for the integration of BACnet, LONWORKS, Modbus, and other open standards.

Fire Alarm and Fire Safety

Affordable system, that can help protect your home and loved ones from burglary and vandalism. In the event of a detected break-in, our 24-hour central station can automatically alert you and police - day or night.

Our fully trained and experienced staff is available round the clock to assist you in any case of intrusion related questions. We also have a guard response in certain cities.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies for handling different processes and machineries in an industry to replace a human being. It is the second step beyond mechanization in the scope of industrialization.

Video surveillance

Whether you are a Business Executive, an IT employee or a Storeowner… we have CCTV solutions that fit your need to keep in-touch with the family while you are away. Whatever the requirement, we provide reliable solution…

Life Safety Power

Life safety power refers to the systems and measures put in place to protect and preserve human life in various environments. This concept encompasses a wide range of strategies, technologies, and practices aimed at minimizing risks and ensuring the safety of individuals in different settings.

Water Leak Detection System

The Water Leak Detection System swiftly identifies and manages water leaks using advanced technology. It safeguards properties with precision, offering users peace of mind. Its efficient sensors and quick detection minimize risks, making it a reliable choice for various environments.

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